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Film & Productions

For the past 20 years, South Africa has been the International choice of preferred destination to film television commercials, photographic campaigns and feature films.

We offer a wide variety of locations, ranging from desert to jungle, village to city and everything in between; all within reasonable distances of one another.

Our cities have doubled as LA, New York, London, Berlin, Paris and Mumbai in numerous international television commercials and feature films. Our landscapes have "starred" in feature films like Blood Diamond, 10,000 BC and Lord of War, all attached to A-List names such as Clint Eastwood, Leonardo De Caprio & Nicolas Cage, but to name a few.

South Africa boasts a world-class motion picture infrastructure that accommodates the needs of international clients creatively (on-screen models & actors, writers & directors) as well as in the areas of professional technical, production, accounting and legal managerial skills.

Despite the obvious favorable US Dollar/Euro to South African Rand exchange rate, filming in South Africa, by comparison to any other major filming destination, reduces production costs by up to 45%. On long form production South Africa offers various financial incentives for productions filmed in the country as well as access to equity financing.

Why not consider filming your next production in South Africa and allow our team of experts to provide your most memorable filming experience, whilst trusting African Signature with all your travel and accommodation arrangements?

For more information regarding film production in South Africa, or any part thereof, please contact us.